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Connecting people & places with smarter transit solutions

Mastercard? Transit Solutions

From London to Sydney, Bogotá to Bratislava, Mastercard is helping cities cut the cost of fare collection and deliver simple and convenient transit experiences for residents and visitors.

Using global open standards to digitize fare collection, Mastercard is making traveling across and between cities simpler than?ever?before.

Partnering with cities, transit agencies and technology partners, Mastercard has been architecting flexible transit solutions that support local infrastructure requirements for almost a decade and is leading the next generation of urban mobility solutions.

A global approach to flexible localized solutions

With more people traveling to and between urban areas for work or leisure, cities are looking to better address demand across public transit networks. Infrastructure, budgets and time frames vary – which is why, working with transit agencies, technology and banking partners, Mastercard identifies the right solution for the right location. Our three global approaches to smarter transit ticketing are:


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Tap & go? transit ticketing

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Transit ticketing anywhere, anytime

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Combining transit with everyday payments

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A depth of knowledge

From public office to transit agencies and tech companies, our global mobility team brings experience in deploying future ticketing projects and city-wide initiatives to all projects so that together, we can innovate faster and scale quicker.


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A collaborative approach

Mastercard is bringing public and private sectors together to benefit cities. Working with cities, transit agencies, academics, technology and banking partners, we are helping cities learn from each other, cutting through the siloes and accelerating urban development that positively impacts peoples’ lives.


Cities on the move

We’re deploying open-loop/contactless solutions in cities like London, Vancouver, Singapore and Sydney, bringing quick-to-market mobile ticketing to cities like New York and Las Vegas, and combining everyday payment with transit acceptance via dual-application cards in cities like Bogotá and Medellín.

A more convenient contactless commute in London

Tap & go journeys in Sydney

Dual-application cards simplify busing in Bogotá

Unlocking city services beyond transit

We’re integrating urban services to deliver multifunctional, flexible solutions that leverage existing infrastructure. From transit acceptance and secure building access, school lunches to loyalty and rewards, Mastercard is unlocking everything a city has to offer.

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Demand Management maximizes existing infrastructure in Chicago, U.S.

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Integrating city services in Kolín, Czech Republic