Doctor-patient con?dentiality should be hacker-proof

Protecting patient data from hackers is costing payers and providers millions

Security breaches remain a major concern for healthcare providers, with 32 million patient records stolen in the first half of?2019?alone.1 Mastercard has developed a holistic approach to fraud prevention by integrating multiple industry-leading biometric?safeguards.

Authentication deficiencies: the primary reason for healthcare data breaches


of healthcare data breaches in 2018 were from web applications and privilege misuse2


patient records projected to be affected by data breaches in 20191


average cost to an organization per stolen patient or member record3

Biometrics Bundle: next-generation authentication for next-level security

Mastercard leverages biometric solutions, including behavioral information to protect individuals through a more secure, layered approach to authentication.

Mastercard ID Check Mobile

Use face, voice, and touch recognition to authenticate access to accounts, call centers, patient portals, and Electronic Medical?Records.


Verify users based on established patterns of behavior—such as speed and impact of keystrokes, and the angle at which their mobile phone is held—to detect anomalous behavior that could signal automated?cyberattacks.

mother and father are using a tablet with their daughter on a sofa at home

Healthcare CyberSecurity: Holistic solutions built to protect the healthcare ecosystem

Find out how Mastercard safeguards patient records and payment data with its advanced digital security solutions for healthcare.

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